If I can pull this off a few of you are probably going to hate me.

Blink 182 tour

Wish they’d hurry up and announce some dates already.


In other news, last night I hit up Little Birdy at the Metro for their major album launch type gig. Was good, caught up with a few work people and friends, made a couple new ones and even Ellen made it out to the show for a bit… which had its perks when it turned out she knew most the bar staff – HELLO FREE DRINKS!

It was a bit of a work function last night, kind of a ‘everyone-come-meet-the-label/band-we’re-now-distributing’ type deal so there was a kind of  ‘afterparty’ (ie. free drinks and stand around and chat in the Metro foyer) and who should be there but ol’ pal Rob Gyro! Had a bit of a chat with him, drank some reeeeally strong drinks (again, blame Ellen’s bar friends) and kicked on till about 1am… not too bad an effort considering it was a school night.

Little bit buggered now though.

Written on May 14, 2009