• Dumb things done while travelling

    Every now and then I am reminded of an old travel memory and I look back on some of the dumb things I did without realising it at the time, like the time I visited Denton, Texas.

  • Road trip to Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park, tucked away in Northwest Wyoming, is one of those bucket-list places that is easy to dream of seeing, but for distance, time and expense factors, never feels like it is truly on the cards. My interest in the park was heightened after reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything which, among other things, detailed how the park sits atop a ‘super volcano’ which has shaped the park’s unique beauty, the effects of previous devastating eruptions, and the terrifying fact that it could blow again at any time.

  • A Weekend in Los Angeles

    I’ve been to Los Angeles a few times before, mainly for the super touristy adventures of theme parks and beaches, but I never was enamoured with the city in the same way some of my friends are. It’s sprawling and dense, busy, overpopulated, and always felt a little fake. Needless to say, it’s been very low on my list of places to re-visit so when I made a relatively impulse decision to go on a short getaway, LA was somewhat of a begrudged choice of destination.

  • DPRK Photo Essay

    Instead of posting a bunch of the same old photos every tourist snaps on their highly choreographed tour of North Korea, I’ve put together a collection of some oddly interesting yet otherwise mundane moments I captured.

  • Video of North Korea tour footage

    I’ve recently spent some time putting together other previously unused footage from the trip.

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