Just a quickie

So I don’t really have time for a proper update, and definitely no time for photos, but here’s a quick wrap up; AMAZING!

Glastonbury has to be seen to be believed! It was easily my best festival experience ever. Very chilled out atmosphere, a great selection of bands… just yesterday I saw everything from Status Quo to Brand New, Tom Jones to Blur (They were all incredible, I might add, and I’m serious about that).

Weather was about as good as we could have hoped for. Nice and dry for our setting-up as well as packing up, but a few small showery patches on Saturday night and early this morning.

Lots of photos were taken, lots of beers were had (probably in reverse order actually).

Blah, not enough time to really explain it all… I’ll be back with a much more awesome post with sweet photos in the next day or two hopefully!

Spinal Tap tomorrow night, fly to Brussels on Wednesday and Rock Werchter begins Thursday, so another 4 or 5 nights of camping.

and I’m off!

Written on June 29, 2009