Loads of new music

The next few months are ramping up to be huge in terms of new releases, I’m really looking forward to a few of them particularly the new Alexisonfire record and Moneen’s teaser EP…

A whole bunch of new songs have gone up over the past few days, give them a listen!

Look Mexico, they’ve just signed to Suburban Home and are demoing at the moment, a couple are up on their myspace:
These won’t be up for long I don’t think so listen to them now! These guys will be big!

Moneen. New 4 track EP through Dine Alone Records, only available on 12″… Might pick one of these up when I catch them in London in a couple weeks. Album is streaming over at Vinyl Collective:

Alexisonfire. I think I’m going to really enjoy this one… judging by the 2 tracks that have surfaced it sounds like they’re shifting away from relying so heavily on Dallas’ vocals and going for a more gruff and raw sound while still doing it different to how they have in the past. I want. Now.

Set Your Goals. New album out in a month or two, the first new song (Fallen) is catchy as hell and incredible live! Another newy, This Will Be The Death Of Us, just went up today or yesterday and I’m not quite sold yet but that’s exactly how I felt about Mutiny the first time I listened to it… I have faith in these guys, I know I’ll be picking up that record ASAP.

And on a completely unrelated note here’s some footage from Sasquatch festival in Washington that a friend who went showed me… This is hilarious! It’ll take about a minute to really kick in but it’s totally worth watching the whole clip!


Written on June 4, 2009