Part of the weekend never dies

The long weekend was unbelievable! For once I didn’t have to work the second job and even if I had just 2 days off it would have been awesome but 3?!

As I already mentioned I started the weekend by catching Set Your Goals at Manning… It was a decent show but the best part was catching up with all my mates. Denton was down from QLD for the weekend so all the boys caught up with him at the Lansdowne for a few beers and then Damien and I went over to Manning where I also got to catch up with a bunch of other mates, then back to Broadway after the show to see the boys again.

Saturday was a bit bludgy, nice and chilled. Sunday was spent calling up AirNZ to change a few of my flights – I’m now due back on August 15 – and then off to Resist to flick through records and hang out with Mel who was manning the store. I picked up Moneen‘s Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? while Mel gave me Gaslight Anthem Sink or Swim and another awesome mix CD.

After yet another day of pretending like I was Jack Black in High Fidelity (ie. being the dude just chilling out in the record store for the fun of it, with no real purpose) we went and got a bite to eat, yakked on about who-knows-what for an hour or two then decided to go checkout the Opera House and go for a skate… In case you didn’t know Brian Eno (music producer – U2, Talking Heads…) has an art installation, basically colourful images projected onto the Opera House sails.

It looked pretty cool, should have taken pictures ourself, but wouldn’t have looked as good as that.

So Mel, Luisa and I went for a skate down to one of the piers, some real nice smooth concrete for just cruising around on. It had a pretty awesome view of the harbour, pretty much right in front of the Harbour Bridge and across from Luna Park.

We stayed there for about 45 mins or so before security came and kicked us out of the area… Bummer, was good fun while it lasted.

Yesterday (Monday) was also awesome, caught up with Belinda who I never see anymore because she’s living up in QLD at the moment too.  Spent most of the day walking around the city, eating awesome food and drinking great coffee and iced chocolates/mochas from the Lindt Cafe. Such a good lazy Monday…

Now that I think about it I pretty much saw every one of my good mates over the weekend, and it was pretty relaxed the whole time too. I want my weekend back!

9.5 days!

Written on June 9, 2009