Back in Germany…

So getting from Prague to Venice proved to be either way too time consuming or expensive. Or even both. Looks like I have to change my plans and head down to Italy via Bern (Switzerland) which will be cool, jusrt completely different to how I imagined I would tackle Europe.

Anyway I split from Drew and Ash this morning and I’m in Munich now which I’m actually really stoked about, I didn’t expect I would actually have the chance to make it here so one hinderance actually turned into something really positive. Don’t know yet whether I will leave tomorrow or stay another night, I might go for a walk this arvo and decide later tonight.

I was homeless when I arrived, and both being late afternoon and middle of summer meant getting a hostel wasn’t easy. In fact, not even possible so I’ve booked some hotel for the night, looks like there are a few hostels available for tomorrow night if I can decide early enough that I want to stay. Worry about that later anyway.

Right now it’s really hot and I’ve already wasted an hour or so of sightseeing by being here looking for accom so I’m off again.

Written on July 14, 2009