I am a massive knob. And I hate you Skyscanner.

I’ve been using skyscanner a lot to find flights in and around Europe, and last night I used it to search a connection from Edinburgh to London. I found a flight right away, with BMI, and for a measly £40 ($80). Stoked!

So I get to the airport and the self check-in kiosk isn’t recognising my booking… go and get some help and what do you know, I’ve booked a flight for September 26!

I’ve noticed before that Skyscanner defaults to 2 months after the current date, except last night I somehow forgot this and away I booked… Anyway, all sorted now, after an extra £80 ($160). Couldn’t really do anything but laugh at my stupidity.

Had a great time here in Edinburgh, typical wet/cold weather, then blue skies and heat out of nowhere… Went for a few walks around the place, saw street performers, climbed up Arthur’s Seat (massive dormant volcano) and did a bunch of other stuff. I would post photos but I’m on the really expensive airport internet cafe.

So yeh, down to London tonight, hopefully finally getting to see Abbey Rd tomorrow morning then flying out to Quebec about midday tomorrrow.

Adios amigos!

Written on July 26, 2009