Ich bin de shizer!

So I’ve picked up some German…

A few cool things have happened since I last checked in with you all… went on a canal cruise through Amsterdam and saw a lot of things that seemed cool at the time – like the 7 bridges – but post-tour you wonder why the hell you took photos of some stuff… still, was a good way to checkout the city all from the comfort of a seat. I like not walking. And especially not having to carry a backpack.

We did a few more typical Amsterdam things; went to the Van Gogh museum (here’s where I mention Drew and Ash got of the tram, then the driver closed the door before I could even get off. Bastard.), took a photo of myself standing on a giant Amsterdam sign, went to the Heinekin brewery, slept in a giant clog, drank some beers, and cut up my hand in a restaurant. Good times!

But back to the Heinekin Brewery. Here, have a few photos:

Old school beer drinking
Beer brewed in big metal thingies
Paddle fights
Playing for the Heinekin Cup

The morning we caught the train to Berlin we did some basic grocery shopping for supplies to keep our bellies full on the 6-hour ride at which point I came across a giant ball of cheese. Oh yes, the signalling of the Summer of George (oh how I wanted to bite into that cheese like it was an apple).

That was yesterday, and I could begin to feel my throat give me a big middle-finger salute. I think I’m coming down with the swine, my nose is running like a tap and it feels like I’ve been munching on fibreglass. Good times.

We went for a stroll and came across my European amigos, and then made a bee-line for the wall. A couple cool photos for you:

I guess this is The Berlin Wall
Painting the wall

Today we went to the zoo, home to the famous polar bear Knut. Lots of cool animals here, lots of awesome pictures, I’ll detail this section when I get some more time. Had a pretty decent giant pretzel (to be honest it could have been better), even saw dad, and a few rangas 😉

The world-famous polar bear, Knut

The world-famous polar bear, Knut

Knuts friends, Fothermucker and Batsrad

Knut's friends, Fothermucker and Batsrad

Looks like we’re no longer doing Stockholm (too much of a pain in the butt to get too, way too far from anywhere I want to go after it too). Thinking maybe Prague, or Munich, or who knows, maybe I’ll just jump a random train and explore wherever it arrives.

Written on July 10, 2009