Prague, Czech it out!

Headed to Prague tomorrow. It’s just a stopover for me as I make my way down to Italy. It would be great to spend more time there, everyone says it awesome, but hey there’s always next time!

Big day for us yesterday, we visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp which is about 45 mins out of Berlin. I said earlier that Amsterdam was an eye-opener, but that had nothing on Sachsenhausen, even if it is on a whole other level completely. Really sad reading about (and seeing) all the stuff the prisoners went through. Really depressing but definitely interesting to get a glimpse at it all. We spent the best part of 4 hours there and still didn’t see it all. Must have been a horrible, horrible place during operation.

Tower A – entry to the camp
Memorial inside Station Z (the extermination building)
The remnants of Station Z

Later in the afternoon we went down to Checkpoint Charlie, the main crossing point between East and West Berlin during the cold war… it’s all been reconstructed these days, but lots of information around the place on the significance of the checkpoint and a whole bunch of information about attempted escapes and other significant events… Pretty boring for me to type about and even the pictures would look dull so I won’t bother with it much more, but if you find yourself in Berlin its well worth the visit.

Checkpoint Charlie

To round 0ff the day we went to the Bang Bang Club to catch The Lucksmiths, some Melbourne band drew was keen to see (especially since they’re breaking up). Pretty funny night, drew drank 3 beers and vomited, the main support act seriously had to be the worst band I have ever seen in my life, and The Lucksmiths apparently don’t appreciate hecklers… ha! Came back to the hostel, Drew virtually immediately passed out in our room and Ash and I played pool till about 3 in the AM. Lots of fun and shenanigans.

Today was pretty chill, barely did anything, good change of pace. Actually I’ve spent way too much time in this cafe trying to post pictures to this blog its just so time consuming.

Oh, forgot to mention I finally got to have a beer at a maccas. Little did we realise (until it was already purchased) that it was 0.0% alcohol and tasted like filthy water. Horrible, but hey, I can say I’ve had a beer at maccas. Speaking of which, the beer selection here is humungous, and the beers are delicious. Mmmm.

McBier (0.0% alc. BitBurger)


Written on July 12, 2009