Blink-182 & ’10 For $10′ Tour

Blink show a couple nights back was pretty sweet.

Chester French were the first band, did a weird indie dance pop kinda thing… Then came Panic At The Disco. Never really been a fan of them but they did their thing and were entertaining for a bit.

Fall Out Boy were their usual selves, not too much of a light show but the sound was good for them, they jumped around, whatever.

Blink-182 were surprisingly good! Massive thanks to Souli (friend of a friend) for getting me tickets, I was freaking out for a bit because the Ticketmaster website wouldn’t let me buy tix and I couldn’t get to an outlet so it was either try call in a favour to get someone to hook me up or hope that they still had tix when I arrived (didn’t really want to take that chance when I was travelling 17 hours just for the show!), so thankfully Mel came to the rescue and helped organise it.

Anyway they pretty much played a best-of set, what you’d expect, but unfortunately no new songs… Light set up was pretty cool, big screens strobes, all the rest. One of the cool things I was pretty stoked to see was Travis’ drum kit getting suspended real high in the air and spun around, even twisted around until it was vertical! I got a video of it:

Yesterday I drove 5 and a half hours through 4 states to Grand Rapids, MI, all for the ’10 for $10 Tour’. As the name suggests, you see 10 bands for a tenner. I figured I’d miss the first couple bands, arrive around 5 pm instead of 4. By the time I turned up 4 bands had already played… and I noticed the gig finished early, around 10pm… then it hit me – apparently it’s an hour earlier here than it is back in Wisconsin and I was completely on the wrong time. Not really to worry though, still saw all the bands I wanted to.

The Mongoloids were pretty decent, nothing spectacular though. Crime In Stereo seemed a little flat, but might have had something to do with the crowd… it felt a little odd watching them at a mostly really punchy hardcore show and the crowd weren’t all that into em. Bane, who I knew nothing of, were brilliant! Best band of the night for me, totally converted, and I finally got to see a full set of Poison The Well… Really enjoyed them too, but would have loved to see more stuff off of You Come Before You

Sorry bout the no pictures, i really can’t be bothered right now. Driving another 2-3 hours back to Chicago today, Lollapalooza starts tomorrow!

Written on August 6, 2009