The Camel Tigers finally find an end to their struggle

…of trying to get a gig.

Damien sends me an email yesterday saying the Sandringham offered his band (The Camel Tigers) a gig in October, as long as he finds 3 bands to round out the bill.

I’m not sure exactly why he thinks he needs my help but I’m pretty keen to help out, and I think it’s kinda funny that I’ve tried organising my own gigs a couple times in the past and it’s never worked… this time though I’m not even trying and it seems like it’s all pretty much organised within half a day.

Just waiting on a definite yes from one of the bands and then I guess it’s all good to lock in. Look like it’s going to be Sniperival, Kimbo (from Melbourne), Mr Vengeance (ex-Bagster guys) and of course Damien’s band. Should be good!

On another note, the next few weeks are huge…
10 – The Bronx / Mariachi el Bronx at The Metro
12 – Samiam in Newcastle
13 – Samiam at The Annandale
18 – Poison City Weekender night 1
19 – Samiam in Melbourne (PCW night 2)
20 – Samiam in Melbourne (PCW night 3)
30 – Bad Religion / NOFX / Pour Habit
31 – Pour Habit

I can’t wait!

Written on September 7, 2009