The List

Some people have bucket lists, life achievements or activities they want to ensure are crossed off before they kick the bucket. That seemed boring to me, so I decided to narrow it down to the next year or two. Or 5. I’ll keep extending it when I realise I have no chance of accomplishing it in a particular timeframe.

The rules? None really, other than to just do things in the most interesting, out there or oddball ways possible.

I’ll add to the list later, but here’s a starter:
See 100 gigs/shows/festivals in 2010
Live overseas for at least 12 months
Visit japan
Go to the Fest in Florida
Drive coast to coast in the USA
Bungee jump
Put on a gig
Play in a band
Another piercing
Swim in the atlantic ocean
See some American sports – nba, baseball, nfl, hockey, etc
Wind up in the local media of somewhere overseas (ie. Make your way into a news item on tv/in the newspaper/etc, or get interviewed/photographed)

Written on March 29, 2010