Grey Britain

Ok so I’m in much better spirits than yesterday.

The day yesterday didn’t quite go as planned, missed a bunch of bands, added to the fact it was cold and grey…
Blackhole were pretty good, looking forward to seeing them again today, Set Your Goals sounded HUGE even though I did only see 2 songs, and I managed to catch a bit of NFG, Devil Sold His Soul, Four Year Strong, Against Me! and Alkaline Trio.

This morning I went for a bit of a walk down to London Bridge… I seem to remember an old nursery rhyme about it, but I was pretty disappointed when it was neither a pile of rubble, nor falling down. And there was no fair lady either. Come to think of it, it looked structurally sound last time I was in London too. Jipped!

At the moment I’m on the train up to Leeds for the same festival with Tim. Comfy train, free internets and drinking beers. Pretty rad times:

Tim’s been killing himself laughing at Rodney Rude on his ipod. It’s fair quiet in here, then he will burst out laughing… he has me crying with laughter at him.

And also taking advantage of easy-to-find Dr Pepper. Drew, jealous?

Will probably update this tomorrow on the train back to London… Might film some bands or something. Might not either. This is my blog, I will do whatever the hell I want.

Peace, love, nachos.

Written on May 30, 2010