…and I’m here!

I really can’t be bothered typing everything out hey. So summary:

-work all day Friday
-go to airport. Flight leaves without hitch
-get to Dubai. Airport is nothing out of the ordinary.
-plane leaves gate on time… only to turn back to the gate with some problem. Sit in the plane for 2 hours waiting for it to be fixed. Plane is airworthy, so we fly on to London YAYYYY
-slight runny nose turns into a non-stop leak. 7 hours of this, awesome fun!
-get to London, make way to hostel as fast as possible (the exxy London Heathrow Express train) only to find they can’t check me in just yet because they’re changing over shifts…
-currently waiting to check in so I can get changed and head to the festival… already missed one band I want to see. At least there’s tomorrow.

Seeing ol’ mate Tim and maybe Linda tonight. SWEEEEEET

Written on May 29, 2010