3 countries/3 meals/1 day

photos are coming later. Internets here in the Dubai hotel sucks.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, quite a lot was achieved…

Breakfast in Copenhagen… Breakfast buffet from the hostel actually. It was pretty dodgy and way overpriced (like everything in Denmark tends to be), but it was close and convenient, and I needed to make a quick getaway to jump on a train over to Malmo (Sweden)

Lunch in Malmo. Subway. Because I was trying to keep it cheap, because I had no idea what anything else was and because I was trying to make it snappy. I only had 2 or so hours to hang out in Sweden.

So the one thing that definitely rings true about Swedish stereotypes is that the women are well hot. I don’t know how it works, catch a train 40 mins away to Copenhagen and well yeh, they’re decent, but they’re definitely not on the same level. Malmo was actually a pretty rad little place, I was under the impression it was just some lame little town that cashed in on dumb tourists (read: ME) who decide to travel the 40 mins from Copenhagen to say “I’ve been to Sweden, lol!” but it was a fun little place with quaint little buildings, lots of cobbled lane ways and all that kind of thing… Didn’t seem like there was heaps to do, but it would be great to stay there a night or two.

So hopped back on the train to Copenhagen, picked my gear up from the hostel and scrambled back to the airport for the flight to London. It was only as I checked in I realised I was flying in to Stansted. That place sucks, so far out and such a pain in the butt. Anyways, tried getting in to London as quick as possible to get to my hostel and make tracks for the Jonah Matranga show.

Long story short, I had dinner in london. A Cheese and tomato pizza. It ruled. I washed it down with Dr Pepper. I like Dr Pepper. While eating dinner I watched the simpsons on the TV in the pizza parlour, some crazy walked in off the street and told some guy he looked like Enrique Iglesias and that guy had this sort of “ohhhhhkayyyyy?” kind of look on his face. I found that pretty funny… Then he spotted these 2 French girls in the corner and said “you’re Australian” to them, they shook their heads, then he guessed about 7 other naitonalities and failed completely, so walked back out again.

Anyways there was no point to that story.

I went to Jonah Matranga. Rocked up right as he walked on stage. He was KILLER! Covered Ginuine (PONY!!), some Beyonce and Deftones, and obviously played a bunch of stuff from all his bands/solo stuff. Awesome show. I also picked up the Frank Turner split 12″ he’s on and got it signed. I message Lu, she was major jealous.

The end.

Written on June 11, 2010