A day in Copenhagen

Because I don’t feel like writing much detail, here’s a summary:

– walked all morning
– saw the Royal Residencies
– went to where the Little Mermaid normally resides. Currently it is somewhere in Asia, so there’s a TV screen with a picture of the Little Mermaid on it. Way to make a boring, insignificant statue even more boring and insignificant.
–  walked through Kings Park
– attempted to look for clothes… before realising the value of the Danish Kroner is ridonkulous!
– went to Tivoli (amusement park) and almost blacked out. Will fill you in on the details later. The park doesn’t offer massive amounts, but the little it does offer is fair intense. Aside from it’s EXACT replica of the Little Mermaid. Even it sucks. Get better symbols, Copenhagen.
– may have gotten another piercing.
– sat in maccas using up their free internet while eating deep fried cheesy Camembert bites.

Denmark still rules.

I’m thinking of giving up on my Gothenburg half-hatched plans… it’s going to cost the best part of $200 for the car, I’ll get in at maybe 6 or 7 pm, and will have to head back to Copenhagen by about 11am the next morn. Doesn’t seem worth it. Instead I think over the next day and a half I’ll go visit Christiania (old fort turned hippie commune), head out on a train to Roskilde for a look at some killer Viking boats, then over to Malmo which is now a part of Sweden. I will get to Sweden one way or another dammit!

Pretty sure it’s time to head back to Tivoli for a couple more rides.

Adios muchachos!

Written on June 8, 2010