Day 2 in Copenhagen

Went for a quick ride out to Roskilde… Didn’t know if there was much there aside from a Viking Museum (pretty badass in itself, so naturally I had to check it out), and after having been there I can confirm no, no there isn’t much there aside from a Viking Museum. As such, I have only 3 photos to show you

Viking Wreck

Early navigation equipment from viking times, discovered on the wrecks

Buildings in downtown Roskilde

I could have posted more photos, but it would be like “oooh, a viking wreck… oooh another viking wreck. OH MY GOD IT’S YET ANOTHER GODDAMN VIKING WRECK!!”

Oh, I also learnt that ‘viking’ was a term for ‘pirates of the north’… Strictly speaking they overwhelmingly weren’t into piracy (was a bit hard back then without CD burners or Rapidshare and Megaupload), but being pirates of some sort makes them completely badass.

Written on June 9, 2010