Photodump of Danish awesomeness

This place looks rad in real life too.

The Little Mermaid - ON BIG SCREEN!

Some giant angel statue. Looked pretty rad.

Cannon at the old fort

One of the streets in Copenhagen

A lion eating a horse. BAD. ASS!

Beer by the water

Giant swing chair ride in Tivoli

Walking through Tivoli

The ride on which I came within seconds of blacking out (the one with swingy arm things). Trust me, this was more badass than anything else I've experienced on this trip so far.

Way to suck, Mermaid statue.

I went swimming down there in those pools. It was spastic cold. I also jumped off a 5m platform. Simultaneous poop and pee.

Something about tourists farting...?

Written on June 9, 2010