I know they call it ‘travelling’

But I think at this point I have literally spent more time in transit than in any destination.

Tuesday late morning got into LA after a ridiculously comfortable flight in business class… Seats that actually recline to a full fat bed! Arrived about 11am and hopped in a shuttle bus that took about an hour to get to Hollywood. Didn’t do a great deal of sightseeing, you see it once you’ve seen it a million times, so I opted to head down to Santa Monica instead… about an hour and a half transit there, about as long back, but I managed to get lost, so jumped on a train and went the wrong direction. Pretty sure it was about 3 hours in total trying to get back to my hostel from Santa Monica. D’oh.

(by the way, you can click the pictures to see them in full size)

Yesterday morning I was embarking on 24 hours of awesomeness (in the form of bus travel) from LA to Denver, so I went and picked up some snacks for the road. Had to take a photo of this otherwise noone would believe me:

Now I love m&m’s, and I love pretzels, but the combination sucks. See the face that little orange m&m dude is making on the packet, that’s the expression on your own face when you bite into one of these chocolate salty balls.

I could describe the roadtrip to you. But I won’t.

We stopped in Vegas at one point, I was originally stoked because it was an hour layover and I was going to go run amok and try and fit in some cool things, but with the bus being way late we only had 20 mins. I still had time to play the slots. Won my money back – and then some – pretty quickly, and then lost it ALL again just as fast. You will not soon be forgotten, one-dollar bill.

Some cool scenery along the way… I think this was somewhere in Nevada or Utah (hard to keep track when you go through about 5 states in one day):

Finally got to Denver about 9am. This place is already pretty sweet, it’s literally 1 mile high in altitude, awesome mountain scenery nearby… Had the best view on the bus this morn, but it was too dark to capture. My feet kill and I think I’m sunburnt (it was a 30+ degree day today)…

A horse on a giant chair. Sure. Why not.

The steps of Denver's Capitol Hill. Marks the 'one mile high' point.

View from Capitol Hill

Oh crap, just realised how sunburned I am. Oops.

Written on August 6, 2010