Chilling in Canada

Literally. Headed up to SilverStar Mountain to be of entertainment to Bee and Allie, and to kill some more time before I had to start work. The cold snap just came from snow where and it bucketed down for most of the time I was there. We forked out a few dollars for some kids snow toys and had loads of fun shredding down snowy hills until we got told off by uptight security.

I forgot my rule from the other month: Don't let Bee play with your camera.

One way to stay hydrated...

Snow Angel

Also went to see the local hockey teams: Vernon Vipers V Salmon Arm somethings.

Back in Vancouver now, mostly just biding my time until I start work. Found myself a share-apartment which I’ll get to move into next week, I have training for work on Friday and Saturday, and I’ve done a little more sightseeing around the city. It’s also been unusually cold this month, snow has been falling in the city and I’ve been pretty damn cold even while wearing 4-5 layers of clothing. Maybe I picked the wrong winter to come over. The snow should be pretty sweet for boarding on though.

Cypress Mountain

Written on November 25, 2010