More snow!

Work’s been a little better recently, night shifts still suck but I’m getting used to the long days plus I’ve also got enough time every day to get in about 45-60 mins of snowboarding which takes the edge off a little bit. I still haven’t broken anything, or at least not any bones… Put a dirty big crack in my googles yesterday after an elegant face plant, though I only actually noticed the crack when I took the goggles off to look at them. Maybe it was just my ugly mug that cracked them?

Yesterday was a pretty good day on the hill, I tried to take some video while snowboarding so you can see the kinds of views you get from up there on a nice day… It’s mostly just of me slowly going down the hill, with the camera angled off to the side at pretty much nothing, but I wasn’t really keen to go flying down the hill while holding my camera. You start seeing a bit of the scenery overlooking downtown Vancouver about halfway through. Looks pretty rad in real life.


Heading back up to Vernon/SilverStar to spend new years with Bee and Allie, somehow managed to organise a long weekend for myself so I could get there…

Also the Australian crew at work are already working on Australia Day plans (looks like the Australian contingent of the Lift Operations team will be conspicuously absent that day), and I am working on heading back to Seattle in early February. Or maybe Portland. We’ll see what happens as time gets closer.

This everlasting holiday rules.

Written on December 17, 2010