This is the end

I didn’t think it was going to be possible, but 2010 slaughtered 2009. Almost everything that occurred had a pretty large degree of being unplanned or straying from how it was meant to turn out, and it still wound up being a much better year than I could have imagined. I have to say the ‘winging it’ approach to life has been working out pretty good for me.

If you didn’t take the hint, I’m not coming home anytime soon.

Best of 2010:
-My little buddy’s little sister. I’m vying for favourite uncle again.
-Hanging with Damien, Mikey, Ellen, Ash and Tim in the UK
-Three weeks in the Rockies/ hangs with Bee and Allie
-The Fest with Mel, Ben and Gab [PICTURE]
-Italy with the folks and relatives
-Memphis, TN and Austin, TX
-Hangs with Emma and Jessie in Austin
-Hanging out with my Chicago pals
-Face To Face @ Warped Tour
-Snapcase @ Fun Fun Fun Fest
-A Wilhelm Scream @ The Fest 9
-Defeater @ some guy’s backyard, post-Fest show

Funniest moments:
-The German blokes staying at the New Orleans hostel.
Alcohol and antihistamines

-Dallas, TX – That’s about half a day I’ll never get back.

Written on January 1, 2011