I’m still here

Some stuff has happened in the past month or so since I last updated this thing. Not much though.  These days life is pretty much work, eat, sleep and repeat.

EXCEPT we had some more snow in downtown Vancouver about 4 weeks ago:

Just outside my apartment building

And on February 26 (I think) it was the first anniversary of the end of the 2010 Olympic Games so there was an unofficial party down Granville St where a couple of guys started a pirate radio station and encouraged people to come along and bring their own boomboxes so the music would be blasted all the way up and down the street. It was odd rocking up to see the street flooded with a sea of people decked out in red and white:

Bee came to visit for about 5 days before she headed back home. We did a bit of Vancouver sightseeing together, starting with a trip to Lynn Canyon which is kind of like a miniaturised Capilano Suspension Bridge adventure, and cost us nothing more than the bus trip out there. Yay.

I’d somehow discovered Vancouver has a hedge maze so we found our way there at some point during the week too:

We made it to the centre

And we went to Queen Elizabeth park, a little south of the CBD for some sweet views over the city:

And now for some more pics of my mountain:

And now the countdown begins… a month from tomorrow I leave Canada and head for China.

Written on March 25, 2011