Baguettes, croissants, Gerard Depardieu

Two years on I got my second chance to experience Paris properly. A little like Venice it felt a little redundant to take photos of the same things I took photos of last time but screw it, here’s the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower - shot from a completely different angle to last time!

For me it was mostly a cruisy few days, and having done the main attractions already I was mostly left with a heap of museums and churches. I’m probably just uncultured but by this point its starting to become a little bit “oh you mean I get to see another Picasso” and “”wow look at that altar, it has even more intricate stonework than the other 32 I’ve seen in the past 4 days.”

As I write this on my way out of Paris it turns out I managed to squeeze in a fair bit, just at a more relaxed pace. I caught up with the miniature Statue of Liberty that resides by one of the bridges on the Seine, and started to notice a whole bunch of street art from Space Invader (check out the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop)

Day two was all about Parc Asterix, the theme park inspired by the Asterix comics. Damo was suitably excited.

Shortly after entry with a minute on the water rapids ride and a subsequent soaking, I was not.

The park was actually quite fun, a few rollercoasters, almost blacking out on one, stunt shows, kiddy coasters, carousels, it had the lot.

Also questionable character poses.


Back in Paris I also finally had my chance to see the catacombs, and they didn’t disappoint. It was originally an old quarry in the 18th and 19th centuries, and when mass graves in the area were spreading disease the bodies were exhumed and the bones placed inside. It was neat the way they were arranged, and quite creepy to learn that theft of bones is somewhat of a common problem. Most the pictures didn’t turn out well as they don’t allow flash.


One of the workers on the mines has carved scenery from his hometown into the rocks. All from memory, too.

Upon Dave’s recommendation I also hit up the Pantheon. Inside there was Foucault’s Pendulum, an old experiment that proved Earth rotates on an axis and around the sun, crypts of various famous French people, but best of all was the incredible views over Paris from the dome.

Further wandering around I stumbled up the great arch at La Defense, an office building designed to be a modern day Arc De Triomphe.

It’s been some time since I’ve seen a show now, I’m getting a little twitchy and jittery without my fix. Thanks to a last minute addition to their tour schedule Converge wound up playing a show in a venue that couldn’t have had more than 250 capacity. Pretty good show in all, even if the support act was some dude pressing play on his iTunes library of hardcore songs. It was pretty bad, but whatevs.

I also saw Paris Hilton.

Paris, I approve.

There's a giant bronze thumbs-up in there if you look close.

Dave has officially left the Euro trip and the gang, so now it’s 4 days of playing third wheel to the couple then onto Glastonbury adventures with a new gang of misfits. Bee better bring some Tim Tams (I know you’re reading this!)

Written on June 19, 2011