Kathmandu, can do!

Like Pavlov’s dogs and the bell, I get a little excited when I hear the bell of my phone, but instead of a fresh meal I’m waiting for the email to finish downloading. I don’t know what exactly gives me the urge to check it right then and there when more often than not it’s some newsletter I signed up to years ago, a Nigerian prince that needs my help to recover lost money, or some generous stranger offering to “ENL@RG3 Y0UR P3N15!” but this was different.

To: Mike
From: Adam @ Travelscene
RE: Kathmandu! Can do?

It took me a couple more minutes to register what was going on. “Kathmandu! Can do?” my head cocked slightly trying to kickstart my brain into making sense of the words. I read on…

Dear Michael,

Congratulations, you have been chosen as 1 of 4 participants in Travelscene’s Facebook Fan Trip 7 to Kathmandu – departing 11 May 2012…

Yes, two days ago this happened. Two days ago it was May 1. I have 10 days to get myself organised, then I’m off to Nepal. NEPAL!

Travelscene hold fairly regular ‘Facebook Fan Trips,’ in which they choose a small handful of their Facebook followers to go on and document a trip overseas. You go through an application of sorts in which you outline the things you would see and do if you were chosen to go on the trip, and to basically state your case. I’d share with you what I planned out in the fantasy in my head, though it’ll be more fun if I share it with you once it becomes reality. By the way, I love weird, whacky, crazy and just generally odd sights and experiences when I’m travelling so if you have any suggestions make sure you leave a comment.

It’s been a bit of a scramble over the past couple days to get things organised on my end to make things happen. Yesterday it was a few jabs in the arm, today it was running around like a headless chook to collect a tourist visa. So far I think I’m on top of the administrative stuff to get myself organised, now it’s on to consider what to get up to and what to pack.

Stay tuned

Written on May 3, 2012