Vancouver, Seattle, Vancouver

Caught back up with Mel in Vancouver and stayed with a couple friends in East Van. We really didn’t do much, and it was the best way to spend my time there. Good company is all I need when I’m in my second home.

We did, however, head back down to the States for a quick shopping trip and sight seeing tour as a day trip. The best story to come from this was the ever-friendly US border security guys. It’s a long and boring story to recount, but just imagine the usual intimidating guards suspecting you of anything and everything, pulling us out of the queue, making us wait around for some immigration officer (who realised we were fine all along and waved us through), and then the officer at the boom gate basically calling Mel stupid because she didn’t go to ‘college.’ For a country that could really use tourist dollars, they’re doing themselves no favours with having those guys on the frontline.

So after all that, we made our way down to some outlet shops, bought loads, caught up with Mel’s mate for a feed then went on over to check out Kurt Cobain’s old house.

It’s somewhere in there poking out from behind those trees.

Written on May 1, 2012