• Finally here in Kathmandu

    Quick update, better photos and short descriptions are up on my instagram.

  • Kathmandu, can do!

    Like Pavlov’s dogs and the bell, I get a little excited when I hear the bell of my phone, but instead of a fresh meal I’m waiting for the email to finish downloading. I don’t know what exactly gives me the urge to check it right then and there when more often than not it’s some newsletter I signed up to years ago, a Nigerian prince that needs my help to recover lost money, or some generous stranger offering to “ENL@RG3 Y0UR P3N15!” but this was different.

  • Wind Down in Mexico

    Full of ups and downs, I was back in Mexico with the trip drawing to an end. One of the most exciting things about the trip was the food. I love spicy food and especially Mexican, so this was my chance to load up on some real Mexican cuisine. Being a vegetarian down there made finding suitable food a little tricky, and aside from a couple minor translation difficulties, I ended up surviving it. Lots of tacos and burros, even legit churros, and of course hot sauce in everything. On potato crisps and even IN beer (oh michiladas!)

  • Mexico part II, Don't Stop Belizin

    It turned out five days in Mexico City really isn’t enough, it’s way too big to be done thoroughly in that time. That said, given the interesting few days of dealing with a robbery, the dodgy folk at the Hostel and chasing a police report for insurance reasons, I was pretty keen to move on.

  • The real adventure

    It was mid-November, I was due to head back to Australia in about a month,  and my cash reserves were running low. The answer came to me immediately: Mexico!

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